Carlos is duly licensed as a real estate agent by the relevant authorities in the State of Florida.

Carlos was born and raised in Venezuela, where he attained his bachelor’s degree in dentistry from Universidad José Antonio Páez in Valencia. Even though Carlos chose to pursue a degree in the field of health, his passions, which he discovered at a young age, curiously lied elsewhere: in the arts and business.

While still a child, only 11 years old, living in the town of Calabozo, in the Venezuelan State of Guárico, he asked his mother to enroll him in the symphonic orchestra of his hometown, which she refused to do. His determination -undoubtedly irrepressible- to achieve his goal led him to ride a bus alone to the seat of the symphonic orchestra. Carlos had a single purpose: he wanted to learn about classical music and to play an instrument, whichever and however possible. In fact, he succeeded: he enrolled in the symphonic orchestra, studying music theory, choral music and choir, and how to play the double bass over the next 5 years. This was a life changing experience that significantly contributed to further shape some of his key personality traits: focus, drive, discipline, passion, and diligence.

Carlos moved to the US in 2011. When he arrived in Miami he was captivated by its urban development, and, without any inkling that he would later undertake a very successful career in real estate, he began to memorize the names and most salient traits of absolutely all of the city’s landmark buildings and of the large development projects under construction.

In 2016, inspired by the performance and success of his friend Diego Guillén, current CEO at DGS REAL ESTATE, Carlos undertook to attain his real estate agent license in Florida. Subsequently, he called on his friend to afford him the opportunity to learn the business. He not only got the chance, he nailed it, advancing his career from an internship to his current position as VP of Sales, Rentals & Property Management.

Today, Carlos has accrued significant experience as a real estate agent. He works closely with the CEO in practically all of the company’s sales and leases. Carlos recognizes that each transaction is unique; an obstacle race that must be faced diligently, paying undivided attention to every detail to ensure the deal is successfully completed and closed.

As a licensed real estate agent in Florida, Carlos must also contribute to develop his own client base, and is fully authorized to represent buyers, sellers, lessors and lessees, providing them with services that meet the highest standards. As time goes by Carlos continues to improve his performance, growing his productivity and annual sales volume figures.

Carlos shares the CEO’s disciplined passion for the gym. Given his nature, he never skips his workouts and strictly monitors his diet, which is why he is in great shape. In his free time, he enjoys, as few can, watching top TV series, and blissfully sins, so to speak, with the pleasures of Netflix and a delicious pizza, his favorite food.


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