Mark is the Chief Operating Officer at DGS REAL ESTATE and the main strategic investment partner who contributed part of the seed capital required to bring this successful business venture to life.

Mark is a very successful businessman, highly recognized in the US textile industry. His successful career began at the young age of 23 when he worked as Purchasing and Stock Assistant at Jefferson department stores in Miami.

After mastering this position, Mark went on to join Niki Trading, a company that manufactured genuine animal fur coats. Mark was an industry pioneer, attaining significant cost efficiencies by outsourcing production to Chinese manufacturers. This first business venture grew rapidly, reaching the US $25 million annual income mark in just 5 years.

TIGER J, a business venture founded by Mark, was even more successful, allowing him to amass a large fortune. TIGER J manufactured synthetic fur coats in China. This company quickly became the leader in this textile market segment in the US by becoming the main supplier of synthetic furs to all large retailers in the country.

Nevertheless, TIGER J’s greatest success was realized through a supplier agreement entered into by Mark with the Home Shopping Network (HSN), the renowned TV sales channel. Following the HSN agreement, Mark entered into a similar agreement with QVC, competitor channel. Sales at HSN and QVC maxed out TIGER J’s production capacity, raising its annual income to US $60 million.

Until recently, Mark held, successfully as well, the Executive VP position at EVINE channel, a third competitor in the TV sales segment. He decided to quit this position to jointly establish DGS REAL ESTATE with Diego Guillén, taking on the responsibilities of Chief Operating Officer of this business venture.

Today, Mark leads, with his vast business savvy, the operations at DGS REAL ESTATE to ensure that this company reaches its full potential as the dominant real estate boutique firm international investors from around the world turn to for highly professional personalized advise and services, in order to realize their desired –and best possible– real estate investments in Miami and New York.

Mark is also highly involved in philanthropic causes and is a major sponsor of foundations working to combat Alzheimer’s disease and Multiple Sclerosis. Mark actively participates in events such as the Race to Erase MS with his close friends Nancy Davis and Tommy Hilfiger.


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