Andreina is duly licensed as a real estate agent by the relevant authorities in the State of Florida.

Andreina studied and practiced dentistry in Venezuela, her native country, before immigrating to the US in light of the precarious economic, social and political situation her country faces. She attained her bachelor’s degree in 2012 from Universidad José Antonio Páez in Valencia. After graduating, she returned to San Fernando de Apure, her hometown, to establish her own dentistry practice.

Andreina’s dentistry practice was highly successful. This experience allowed her to develop valuable skills to appropriately manage and provide satisfactory customer services. Her responsibilities as a dentist honed her diagnostics and response capabilities, fundamental skills that she uses today to pinpoint potential weaknesses or mistakes and to quickly, but judiciously, identify short and long-term solutions and corrective measures.

Andreina arrived in the US in 2018 in search of a political asylum, which the US government promptly granted. Even though she did not speak the English language when she arrived, her resolve and courageous attitude earned her the opportunity to start working as a hostess in a restaurant. She never allowed her country’s situation, absolutely out of her control, to bring her down. On the contrary, Andreina decided to take charge of those situations within her control, thus enrolling in night school to study English while working day shifts. Once her papers were in order –and having begun to progressively master the English language– she decided to knock on DGS REAL ESTATE to offer her services.

Diego Guillén decided to give her an opportunity. Today, Andreina is the CEO’s Executive Assistant, and, to that extent, his right-hand.

In performance of her duties, Andreina is responsible for managing the CEO’s agenda, supporting purchase and sales transactions, complex mortgage financings, and time consuming leases that demand particular attention to detail. More importantly, considering she is extremely well organized and continues to further her logistics skills, Andreina coordinates all real estate management jobs at DGS REAL ESTATE, ensuring our clients’ needs are always cared for and satisfied through top-notch customer service.

As a licensed real estate agent in Florida, Andreina must also contribute to develop her own client base, and is fully authorized to represent buyers, sellers, lessors and lessees, providing them with services that meet the highest standards.

Andreina generally spends her spare time cooking, which she truly enjoys and does really well. She also loves to discover new restaurants and to share these experiences with her closest friends, enjoying a glass of wine and lively conversations. Living in exile -away from family and country- has been difficult, but has forged her will. Today, delighted and thankful for the road travelled, she recognizes that “perseverance overcomes mountains.”

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