DGS REAL ESTATE is a specialized real estate boutique firm that provides international investors -regardless of type or origin- comprehensive advise to facilitate and realize efficient, suitable, safe, and profitable top-notch real estate investments in the Miami and New York markets.

DGS REAL ESTATE addresses and manages all key financial, legal, and tax issues throughout the investment process, including, if and when required, procurement of guaranteed mortgage financing in the US for all international investors.

DGS REAL ESTATE is the real estate boutique to which investors from around the world turn to when looking to invest -whether large, medium or small scale- in prime real estate in the Miami or New York markets. Our company gives international investors the reassurance of working together with a qualified team of professionals that provides them with relevant and timely step-by-step advise, addressing and seamlessly solving all issues involved in realizing a real estate investment in the US.

With DGS REAL ESTATE, a real estate investment in the US is viable, easy, clear, and safe.