DGS REAL ESTATE carefully profiles each one of its potential clients. Based on multiple criteria, such as total investment budget, available investor capital, potential financing required, type and size of desired property, and required rate of return, we look for and offer our clients the real estate that best suits their needs and expectations. Thus, DGS REAL ESTATE offers multiple types of real estate (commercial and/or residential) in Miami and New York. For example, DGS REAL ESTATE offers the best projects in pre-construction phase and with a primary price list, new development projects in their final delivery stage with specific units for sale at a discount, and real estate for resale, also at a discount, in the secondary market, among others.

It is essential that whoever desires to invest in the real estate markets of Miami and/or New York directly contacts one of the specialized agents at DGS REAL ESTATE to receive detailed information on all of the available options, based on the criteria and specific investment profile of each potential investor. The key is to realize, beforehand, that investing in real estate in Miami and/or New York is perfectly viable for any international investor, even more so if he or she avail themselves of the personalized professional advise as the one offered by the team at DGS REAL ESTATE.