Many international investors way the option of investing in real estate in Miami and/or New York, but are logically preoccupied by the issue of having to manage their property from a distance.

This is no minor preoccupation considering a real estate investment needs permanent attention, upkeep and care. This issue can indeed turn into a major headache.

To appease the minds of its foreign investment clients, DGS REAL ESTATE offers an integral in-situ real estate management service in Miami and New York. Through our management, and availing ourselves of a highly qualified team of external contractors, we ensure top-notch care and maintenance of all the real estate investments of our clients.

Our team of external contractors includes handymen, plumbers, electricians, and painters, cleaning assistants, gardeners, air conditioning and other appliances technicians, and top-quality architects and licensed builders.

With the support of this great team, we handle all kinds of repairs and emergencies,  touch-ups of minor details, or conduct cleaning when required, having a single purpose in mind: ensuring that the properties are kept in impeccable conditions so that their value increases, and they are always profitable for our clients.

Another basic element of our real estate management services is profiling, reviewing, and recommending qualified tenants for our clients’ properties, and then making them feel at home.

When we lease real estate units on behalf of our clients, we establish and maintain direct relationships and communications with the lessees to ensure they are provided with top-notch services and care throughout the agreement’s term. This also implies receiving monthly rent payments, paying any applicable monthly bills, costs and expenses, and depositing the balance in our clients’ bank accounts. Finally, we issue detailed monthly and annual statements to each one of our clients reflecting any and all work done as property managers on their behalf.

In short, we care for our clients’ properties as if these were our own, providing them with the required peace of mind about the soundness and growth of their investment, and always keeping their best interests at heart.