One of the most significant advantages available to foreign investors at DGS REAL ESTATE is our capability to obtain mortgage financing in the US.

Mortgage financing has proven to be one of the key drivers of robust real estate markets in the US. Even though many may not be aware of it, the truth is that any properly advised foreign investor might be eligible to receive a loan from any US financial or credit institution in order to realize excellent real estate investments.

DGS REAL ESTATE requests, handles and obtains, guaranteed mortgage financing with very favorable terms and conditions for all of its international investment clients that so require. DGS REAL ESTATE has ongoing agreements to that effect with several banks and credit institutions, including some international ones -such as BBVA or HSBC banks-, and an array of US lenders that offer mortgage-financing programs specially designed for international or foreign investors.

On a per case basis, mortgage financing for a foreign investor may be requested for an amount equivalent to, at most, 75% of total purchase value. However, we should note that financing amounting to 50% of total purchase value is completely guaranteed in any case.

Today, the US macroeconomic and market conditions for attaining mortgage loans are extremely favorable, even for international investors. The US Federal Reserve’s reference rate is at a historical low point: 2.25%. With such a favorable reference rate, DGS REAL ESTATE is able to obtain mortgage loans, with 30-year amortization periods to its investment clients, at fixed interest rates ranging between 4% and 6.5% per year. We should note that the 6.5% rate is rather high, but it is reserved only for worst-case scenarios. We can contrast these rates against, for example, mortgage rates in Latin American countries where annual interest can reach excessive levels of up to 12% per year for mortgage financings.

International investors who engage the services and advise of DGS REAL ESTATE can stop worrying about obtaining a loan in the US. Even though they will still need to gather all requested information and documentation, pursuant to the precise guidelines provided to that effect, DGS REAL ESTATE will take charge of processing and obtaining the mortgage loan, guiding its investors, step by step, and handling the entire process before the financial institutions, in a strictly guaranteed and personalized manner.